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About Us

George and Renee Ware are life-long health enthusiasts and dedicated professionals in the fitness industry.

After years of combined experience working in multiple facilities, they developed a unique vision to create a fitness center that was unlike the standard gymnasiums available. It became clear that their goal was to create a welcoming, safe, and clean space for clients that provided consistent motivation for a supportive community to flourish.​


In 2014 they took their first plunge into business ownership by transforming a 700 square foot studio into a powerfully packed gym! The vision became a reality that took hold and enabled them to expand the studio to accommodate the emerging community after two years of success. They knew that it took their special combination of careful calculations, love of their mission, and most of all faith in greater operations to make these first steps possible.


This was the winning formula that they continued to use when creating Southbay Woman Gym and Day Spa. George and Renee have said that “It had been our desire since day one to expand into a fully operational gym, offering group fitness, personal training, and most importantly quality service. We are dedicated to our craft and building a gym that is like no other. A space where women can challenge themselves, empower one another, and rejuvenate all in a safe, open-minded environment. It is our hope that you can feel our love, experience our vision, and share in our faith of the absolute opportunities Southbay Woman Gym & Day Spa offers.

Our Vision

To create a space where women can challenge themselves physically to be healthier, empower one another, create community, relax and revive all in a safe non-judgmental environment that celebrates each other's individual journey towards a higher quality of life.

Mission Statement

To inspire women in our communities to transform their body, mind and lives through exercise and provide excellent quality services in a clean, highly motivated and safe environment. We make it a high priority to be an asset to the communities we serve, a valuable resource to our members and a place where our dedicated team can refine their skills and continue to serve our vision.

Our Vision

Our Core Values


We provide extraordinary and unmatched service to our members with our highly qualified, friendly and energetic team at all times.


We expect a high level of professionalism in our service from our team at all times.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.


We work together across boundaries to meet the needs of our members and continue to build on our company’s vision.


We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments to our members and teammates.


 We display an unwavering commitment for our members progress by developing relationships, creating consistency and accountability which is the foundation of our members health and wellness.


We are committed to creating a safe environment that displays passion, enthusiasm and dedication in our service to our members.


We pursue continual learning and growth.


We promise to inspire, motivate and maintain a strong atmosphere of energy and positivity in our service to our members at all times.


We celebrate the success and achievements of our members and team members.


We focus on creating positive relationships with the community we serve.  Developing a healthy environment for lifestyle change, growth and overall wellness.

Core Values


Our Team

Each one of our team members plays an active role in the club community and we all share the responsibility of creating an environment that supports our members' overall health. Our team will inspire and motivate you to get the most out of every workout, spa service, or health focused guidance rendered. Additionally, each team member offers their own unique expertise and professionalism that ensures that your individual needs will be met.

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